1. Animal Zodiac

From the recording Illusionland

Bursting with retro-wave post-punk rapture, Animal Zodiac pounds and sizzles under a hypnotic parade of highly magnetic fever visions. Dense polytonal synths dance under vast wall of shimmering guitar fuzz as the chorus beckons “Turn the wheel around the sky, The infinite lullaby”. This track finds Beastly at his best, orbiting hidden landscapes of “phantom wilderness” where “inner animals fight for life” in strangely edifying cosmic drama that’s as infectious as it is compelling.


Animal zodiac
Blitzkrieg heart attack
Lipstick Graffiti on the Cadillac chrome
Fire water sugar kiss
45 hit or miss
Tender angels in the city of ghosts

Turn the wheel around the sky
The infinite lullaby

Phantom wilderness
Strange afflictions
Inner animals fight for life
Slideshow fairy tales
Shengxiao rocket tails
Carve the lines with burning knives

Turn the wheel around the sky
The infinite lullaby

Dragon chaser
Meet your maker
Smoke and mirrors in the halo spheres
No imperative
Forge the narrative
Crashing stars and falling tears